Tuesday, February 5, 2013

 Hello Everyone,

Well I'm sorry to say that Shari's cancer is back! The week before last she had trouble peeing and finally last Tuesday she could not go at all. I took her to the hospital emergency and they inserted a cath tube so she could go and boy did she. They also did a cat scan of her abdomen and then admitted her after seeing that she has a tumor the size of a grapefruit pressing on her tubes from her kidneys to her bladder; also several tumors and nodules in her abdomen and backbone area. Wednesday they confirmed that it was cancer and they put a chemo port in her right shoulder to receive intravenous chemo instead of trying to find a good vein in her arms; this is much better. The surgeon tried to also put a stint in her tube to her bladder so she could pee but the tumor prevented that. Friday they then put in a line from her kidneys out her back to a bag so she can go. After the chemo treatments the tumors should decrease in size and they will operate to remove them and she should be back to normal. How long this will take is unknown. She is doing pretty good now and we really need your prayers!!! I will update as new information is gathered.


Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hello Everyone,

We went to Shari's oncologist yesterday to get the results of her ct-scan she took a couple of weeks ago. The doctor said that the cancer was GONE and that is terrific news. All of your prayers and our prayers have been answered by our GOD in Heaven, praise the LORD! Shari will go back in June for a check up and I'll update everyone then. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Recent CT-Scan & Mamogram

GOOD NEWS, GOOD NEWS, GOOD NEWS! Shari went to LBJ last week to have a ct-scan and mammogram run. We just got the results of the mammogram and it was negative for cancer. She does have a benign spot though. Isn't that GREAT NEWS! We go to the doctor next Wednesday for the results of the ct-scan and a doctors appointment. I will update after we see her doctor. Our Prayers are being answered!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                     Bob

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shari's January Update

Hello Everyone,  Well we went to Shari's doctor to get the results of her last CT scan. Shari still has a small nodule of cancer about mid abdomen that is about the size of your little fingers nail. Dr. Romdetta said the she was fairly sure as the nodule was larger before her last set of chemo and now it has shrunk. She also said that the nodule could be benign after the chemo as many times the cancer is killed and the benign nodule is left. WELLLL, we'll just pray that this is the case and the cancer is gone! Starting in mid March Shari will be examined again and may have to start a new series of chemo but that remains to be seen. Please keep Shari in your prayers.        Bob/Dad

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wednesdays Doctor Visit

Hi Everyone - This is Jack and he wants to tell you all about Shari's doctor visit this past Wednesday. Well, we thought Shari was through with her chemo treatments but were wrong. The last c-scan showed a small nodule in her abdomen and they are not sure if it is scar tissue or lingering cancer cells. To be on the safe side, Shari will take at least two more regular chemo treatments with the two combined chemo medicines as she has been doing the past nine times. If the nodule recedes in size then we'll know it is cancer and then she will take two extra treatments with only one medicine. If the nodule stays the same size after the first two treatments, then we will know it is scar tissue. Well, we will just pray that the nodule is scar tissue and not cancer, OK? As you can see by my picture that all this typing has made me sleepy so I'll thank you for your prayers and take a snooze.

Jack (really dad/Bob)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi everyone,

We went to the doctor yesterday and got a good report. Shari has her last chemo treatment Monday the 20th. Then we go back to do a CT scan on the 29th to check her out. I will let everyone know the results as soon as we know. Keep praying for her as The Lord is answering all of our prayers.



Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello All - As you can see, Bo looks pretty happy about Shari's doctor visit Wednesday! The doctor gave Shari a good report except for the outcome of the cat scan. She has a fluid mass in her right lower abdomen that will probably be absorbed by her body. If it doesn't then they will drain it after her last chemo treatment in a about 6 weeks or so. This is not unusual after a massive operation such as Shari had. We'll wait and see in 6 weeks. The other good news is that Shari doesn't have to give herself those Lovenox shots in the stomach anymore! GOD is great and everything is on schedule for Shari's healing, thank you all for your prayers.